Posters-Limited editions
17 artworks

Some of my lacquer paintings are printed in limited edition (35 prints each) individually signed posters, professionally printed on Ilford Galerie prestige fine art paper

11 artworks

VienSun is a love poem to my adopted city, Vientiane. Her streets littered with disjointed and scarred buildings, its electrical wires hanging like cobwebs, never cease to fascinate me. During my early morning walks through slumbering neighbourhoods or on my trips to and from the near-empty downtown bathed in leaden heat, I have often been able to marvel at her dawns and dusks as they transform the city-scape.

OUT OF SCHOOL- The impulse
22 artworks

When my classes are over, I take the brushes and use the students’ leftover oils to paint in total freedom and pleasure through sadness along with the longings born of this difficult period. Blue Lao words flow with the compositions surging out from my imaginary world, forming poetry.

Les feuilles - The leaves
14 artworks

This collection is a turning point in my work. It speaks of simplicity and purity. I wanted to only keep that which is essential. This is a hommage to the vegetal world, since each ephemeral leaf is forevermore immortalized in lacquer. My leaves are an alarm, a call to the urgent struggle we all face against the threats to our environment, they are a plea to halt species extinction and preserve our ancestral savoir-faire.

Back to Toronto
10 artworks

"Back to Toronto" is an exhibit created in two times in 2016. The vegetal lacquer backgrounds were done in Laos and shown at the French Institute of Vientiane. I then went back to Toronto after a six year absence with the panels. In a Toronto studio I used gold leaf to complete the works with city street scenes. This is a vision of my beloved Canada. The showing in January 2017 at the French Institute of Toronto on Spadina Avenue was the high point of this artistic adventure. I had closed the c

Lao series
8 artworks

Inspired by Laos, my home since 2010

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